Our values

picture of colourful poster explaining the Social Model

Strong ethical values are at the root of all of our activities. We proactively practice these values by only undertaking activities and projects that are right for us guided by our values as a Disabled People’s User Led Organisation.

We recognise that any group or individual can often belong to other equality and user groups. We aim to provide universal and fully inclusive services.

We are flexible and adaptable within changing political, economic and social circumstances, the proof being that after more than 30 years we are still here and going strong.

And, we never stop learning and developing and can respond to change with positive outcomes for Disabled People, service providers and ourselves.

Our ethos is based on clear values of independence, user involvement, peer support and co-production.

  • Empowerment: we are a people-based organisation, we presume trust; create a safe and empowering environment, which is encouraging, and collaborative.
  • Accountable: we are fully accountable and representative of the communities we work within. We strive to be open and transparent.
  • Democracy: we are democratically accountable to our membership consisting of Disabled People and non-disabled allies.
  • Respect & Dignity: we will strive to treat people with respect and dignity at all times.
  • Human Rights: we believe that that Disabled People’s lives should be defined by human rights rather than by charity and promote positive images of Disabled People.
  • Inclusive: we respect people and are committed to equality.
  • Diversity: we value diversity, equality and freedom of communication and practice throughout all our activities.