Our experience and history

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Spectrum started in 1984 and since then we have become more and more important as we help disabled people by giving them support and information to live the life they want.


People locally, through Hampshire and the country now have a very good opinion of Spectrum.

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Spectrum is seen as one of the best user led organisations in the country.


This means we are run by the people who use our services and because we have many new and fresh ideas.

More our experience


We give government ministers, politicians and other officers in the government advice on many things about modernand progressive social policy plans.


We have always been successful because we have kept to our aims and what we believe in and stand for.


When we feel strongly about something, we always try to be the first to get involved.


Spectrum’s loyal team always work to find new and fresh solutions to the problems which disabled people face as they aim to live the life they want.

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