Special Educational Needs and Disability support

We offer a home schooling service in the geographical county of Hampshire provided by an experienced Special Educational Needs (SEN) qualified teacher on a one-to-one basis. The teacher will work to the national curriculum but tailored to your individual child’s needs. The service is flexible and will always be arranged to suit your family’s needs and preferences.

What we can offer

Our SEND qualified teacher will provide flexible, individualised education and support.

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At the beginning we will make a home visit to talk about your child’s needs and to start to work out an education and support plan. This will take the Educational Health and Care Plan (EHCP) as a starting point but will be adapted to produce an individualised learning programme. The home visit also gives you the chance to meet our teacher and decide if they are right for your child before committing to continue.

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We can also liaise with Children’s Services and SEND Inspectors to make sure they are happy that the plan is fit for purpose and covers all necessary national curriculum criteria as relevant to the child’s EHCP.

Our aim is:

  • to encourage and support all children to reach their full potential
  • embrace individual needs and promote self-esteem
  • develop and support children to be healthier and more able to understand their own personal difficulties and challenges
  • promote pro-active working partnerships with parents and other agencies
  • support children to make choices and become independent
  • develop a tailor made curriculum, ensuring both learning and support needs are met
  • offer access to a wide range of resources, including an enriched sensory diet
  • provide teachers highly skilled in meeting the individual learning, behavior and medical needs of children with complex leaning difficulties

What people say about our support

It’s been an amazing experience. I am so pleased that this is happening. SPECTRUM are so very helpful. When I’m at work my child is safe and comfortable. The teacher is so good for my child, I would not change anything. The teacher understands our home situation. (Parent)

SPECTRUM stands for people who cannot talk for themselves – they give a voice to my child. It’s been an amazing experience. (Parent)

The project has benefited enormously from the expertise that SPECTRUM already had around personalisation and also from their willingness to trial a completely new area in SEND personal budgets delivered through an ISF. (Local Authority Development Worker)

SPECTRUM has always listened to the implications of any actions suggested to them. SPECTRUM’s approach has been creative in problem solving. SPECTRUM has an attitude of no barriers and instead looked for solutions and has always had an enthusiastic approach to the project. (SEND Inspector)

It has been a real pleasure to be involved with the SEND project and sharing professional support between SPECTRUM and the school. The planning between SPECTRUM and the school has been good thus far and the contract set up between both providers has allowed professionalism and integrity with our particular working cultures but also much needed flexibility. (Head Teacher)

Find out how we can help you

If you would like further information, or if you have any questions, please contact Lesley Long-Price