What people say about our employment support

“My time at SPECTRUM has not only been successful in helping me find and secure a job, it has also helped me greatly in building my confidence, meeting new people and opening my eyes to what I CAN achieve. The staff at SPECTRUM have gone above and beyond what I ever expected and it has been a real pleasure meeting them all and working alongside them. I finished my set time on the course however I still attend each week as the support and the relationships I have made will stay with me forever. I can never thank Ross and Ann enough for everything they have done for me and if I could start all over again I would. I could not have asked to have met a better group of people and would strongly advise anyone offered this fantastic opportunity to take it. Thank you.”


“I have been out of work for 4 1/2 years. I do volunteer work two times a week at Jamies Computers. I have learnt a lot here about having more confidence and about team building, and also help with my CV and covering letter. I would like to have a job in warehousing and driving or retail and being here has given me the confidence to get this type of employment.”


“It has really helped with my confidence by preparing me for interviews and making sure my CV was the best it could be.”


“The course gave me my confidence back that I had lost for so long with job searching, and made me feel so much more relaxed about upcoming interviews. Suffice to say, I got the job.”


“What I hoped to get out of it was ways of making me more confident in interviews. The way I feel now is that I am feeling positive that I will get a job.”


“They have helped me put a CV together and built my confidence back up. I’ve also joined the six week IT course.”


“I have been out of work for nearly six years next January. I have been taking part in the SPECTRUM job club learning new skills and how to be positive, confident and reliable.”


“I suffer with depression, anxiety and stress. I haven’t worked since March 2014 (18 months) because of this. Coming to the job club makes me feel hopeful of getting back on track as the support of people going through the same problems is beneficial and I hope getting IT skills will make me more attractive to employers.”


“It was refreshing to be part of a team agan and to meet people that were in the same boat as me with finding work.”


“I was quite nervous to begin with as I haven’t worked in a group for a considerable time. Everyone was friendly and I settled in with ease. It felt more like friends helping eachother.”