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Spectrum has been helping people with independent living since 1984.


Spectrum has a team who work on direct payments and personal budgets. All of the team have personal experience of direct payments and personal budgets.


The direct payments support service will not cost you anything if you get direct payments from Southampton City Council.

We are friendly and understand the problems disabled people face.We always try our best to help you ourselves or find someone else who can help.

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Direct payments means that the council give you money and you can choose and buy your own care and support.


We can help you to decide if direct payments are right for you.


We can help you to find a carer or a personal assistant or an agency.


We can help you plan the care and support you need and we can help you tell social services what you need.

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We can advise you on what you need to do if you employ people.


We can help you to complete paperwork and with assessments.


We can help you to employ a payroll agency.


We can give you ongoing support and advice.

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We can help you find local services and community groups.

You can find lots more about direct payments and what we can do for you on our direct payments web site.

Find out how we can help you

If you would like to know more about direct payments or if you have any questions you can contact the independent living team using one of the ways below.

phone:  0238 020 2931