For Health and Social Care Professionals

By drawing on more than 30 years of lived experience, SPECTRUM Training and Consultancy is the training provider that understands what service users need to be empowered to live independently in a way that enables care and support professionals and managers to get maximum value from their resources. SPECTRUM can offer insights as both service users and service providers – a unique and extremely valuable combination.

Our training will be particularly valuable to Clinical Commissioning Groups and other agencies involved with Personal Health Budgets. The Government has set a target for 50,000-100,000 people to have access to a Personal Health Budget by 2020. Currently the number is around 8,000 so there will be a large knowledge gap as more and more employees will be responsible for supporting PHBs. SPECTRUM Training and Consultancy can help Clinical Commissioning Groups to bridge that knowledge gap.

We offer a variety of accredited training courses including:

  • Care Certificate Training to meet CQC standards
  • Meeting CQC provider requirements
  • Moving and Transferring (theory and practice)
  • Administering Medication and Medication Awareness
  • First Aid
  • People Movers – moving and handling
  • Fire Safety