For business

Many businesses have probably never thought about Disability Equality Training so may fail to appreciate that it has great potential to improve business performance and increase revenues.

With the insight gained from more than 30 years of lived experience, SPECTRUMs Disability Equality Training can help any customer facing business to increase their share of the ‘purple pound’ – boosting profits and growing their customer base.

With around 11 million Disabled People in the UK, there is a huge potential opportunity for those businesses who can best understand and meet this group’s needs. However, UK businesses are estimated to be losing £1.8 billion every month by failing to meet the needs of Disabled Customers.

According to the Harvard Business School, customers who have the best experiences spend 140% more than customers who say they had poor experiences. So, providing products and services that are inclusive, in an accessible environment for customers and enabling all employees to work to their full potential can help businesses thrive.

With 30 years’ experience and training developed and delivered by a team of experts, our Disability Equality training can help increase your profits by unlocking Disabled Peoples spending power, increasing customer satisfaction, and expanding your customer base.

SPECTRUM’s training provides practical and realistic advice, recognising its often the smallest and zero or low cost changes that can make the biggest difference to your business and your customers.