About SPECTRUM Consultancy

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We provide expert advice and support through our consultancy business. Whether you are a business looking to unlock your share of the £212bn Disabled customers spend each year, an employer recruiting Disabled workers, or an organisation leading a co-production project, we can help you.

We always strive for excellence and our services have won several  awards for quality and innovation over the years.

Staff members at a meetingOur team of consultants has experience working with all types of organisations including Local Authorities and Clinical Commissioning Groups across the South East, Skills for Care, Department of Health, Department of Work and Pensions, and numerous community sector organisations and private businesses.

Our consultancy services are fully bespoke, so no matter what you would like help with, whether it’s a couple of hours or a yearlong implementation plan, we will create a package to support you.

Our values and approach

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SPECTRUM consultancy is first and foremost about enabling practical solutions to make equality, inclusion and personalisation a reality.

SPECTRUM Consultancy aims to bring together knowledge, insight and a strong desire to achieve good outcomes for the benefit of all.

The key principles underpinning all of SPECTRUM’s work are pragmatism, quality and the pursuit of excellence:


It’s easy to say what things should be like; it’s easy to say when things are not right; and it’s all too easy to tell people what they are doing wrong. A much more productive approach is to recognise that there are many obstacles to achieving the outcomes people desire, acknowledge these obstacles, and show how they can be overcome.

Pragmatism is also required when setting goals for change. Even under the most benign conditions it often takes time to get to where you want to be. The approach adopted by SPECTRUM Consultancy is all about helping people to define their ultimate goals and also the steps – some small and some more stretching – that they need to take to achieve them. You can expect to be advised what you can do quickly, but also to be given a frank assessment of what may take longer to achieve along the way to arriving a state of optimal performance.

Quality and the pursuit of excellence

Everything that SPECTRUM Consultancy does is driven by a passionate desire to help people improve quality and effectiveness and to achieve good outcomes – even in the most challenging of circumstances. SPECTRUM Consultancy is all about helping to ensure that quality is the driving force behind everything from planning to day to day service delivery and business practice at the coal face, and for everyone involved – managers, front-line staff, and users and customers.

Our consultancy is delivered by experts with lived experience of Disability, which enables us to provide a unique insight combined with a professional approach. Working with SPECTRUM Consultancy gives you access to a wealth of experience and insight into Disability and Disabled People. We are highly flexible and always seek to precisely tailor whatever we do to your needs. We always want to share what we know but never stop learning ourselves.

We ask the right questions to ensure we help you get the solutions you are looking for and have experience in everything from developing independent living solutions, to disability equality and human rights, to research and service development, to co-production and website accessibility.

What we can help with

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For Business and Employers

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Our unique insight based on lived experience can help increase your profits by unlocking Disabled Peoples spending power and increasing your customer base. If you are an employer, we can also help you attract and retain talented Disabled staff and support them to maximise their productivity.

We can offer consultancy and training on a wide range of issues for businesses and employers including:

  • Making products and premises accessible for Disabled customers
  • Effective marketing to Disabled People
  • Accessible work environments, policies and working practices
  • Support for Disabled employees and their managers
  • Disability related provisions for providers of goods and services and employers required by the Equality Act 2010

Disability Equality

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If you are looking for expert advice on Disability Equality issues, we can offer effective and practical support to help you develop best practice in service delivery, customer relations or employment.

We offer bespoke consultancy to review your existing policy and practice, or to help you develop new policies.  We can also provide Disability Equality training to suit the needs of your organisation, either in our fully accessible conference centre or at your premises.

Independent Living and Personalisation

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SPECTRUM CIL has over 30 years experience of enabling people to have choice and control in their lives. We are pioneers in Independent Living and Personalisation.

We have a strong track record in designing and delivering high quality support services – from running county-wide Direct Payments and Personal Budgets support services through to managing an Individual Service Fund for a single Disabled Child.

Whatever your needs, we can offer expert consultancy and training – based on a unique combination of lived experience and professional service provision – on designing or running services that are empowering for Service Users and cost-effective for Commissioners.

Co-production and User Involvement

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As one of the longest established User Led Organisations in the UK SPECTRUM CIL has a national reputation for innovation in User

Involvement and Engagement – it’s in our DNA.

“It became apparent to me that at SPECTRUM diversity is not only preached but is also practised and is part and parcel of its organisational culture which also touches on every aspect of SPECTRUM`s day to day activities.” (Social Work placement student)

We can offer a range of support, from setting up and running User Panels or Engagement Forums to advising on best practice in effective and inclusive User Involvement and Engagement.

Research & Evaluation and Service Development

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SPECTRUM CIL has considerable experience and expertise in research on a wide range of Disability and Independent Living issues, as well as service evaluation and piloting.

Some of the work we have undertaken recently includes:

  • A comprehensive evaluation of an NHS Trusts policy and practice on Disability Equality.
  • User-led research on reconfiguring Community Mental Health Services.
  • Local Authority commissioned evaluations and piloting of Pooled Budgets and Individual Service Funds, and research on workforce redesign for Personalisation.
  • A partnership project with a Local Authority to engage Service Users in redesigning commissioned Home Care services.
  • Piloting Community Navigation for a local Clinical Commissioning Group.
  • Running Job Clubs in partnership with Job Centre Plus as part of the Department for Work and Pensions Pathfinder programme.

Consultancy rates

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Consultancy rates vary based on the nature of the clients requirements and the type of consultancy input needed. As a guide most of our consultancy is typically charged at between £300 and £400 per day (with a concessionary rate of £250 per day for voluntary sector organisations).

What our clients say about us

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“SPECTRUM’s approach has been creative in problem solving. SPECTRUM has an attitude of no barriers and instead looked for solutions and has always had an enthusiastic approach to the project.” (SEND Inspector)

“SPECTRUM provided us with a review of processes and policies to enable us to appreciate the extent to which disability consciousness was embedded within our services.  We were given a comprehensive list of recommendations and a clear idea of our strengths and those areas that we could do better. Their suggestions were balanced and practical, and they were easy to work with, I would definitely work with them again”. (Head of Talent Management & Inclusion, Mental Health NHS Trust, London)

“SPECTRUM have supported PCC to develop service user led strength in Portsmouth, always going above and beyond to drive and support the project goals. They are robustly hard working and refreshingly honest and I hope we’ll always have a working relationship with SPECTRUM.’ (PCC Lead, Portsmouth)

“For me, the PEP (Personalisation Expert Panel) is a reference point for our management team to know what we need to take into account for our strategies. Our commissioning process has strong user involvement and the PEP has helped us to get there: as far as Disabled People are concerned, it represents high quality engagement.” (Senior Community Development Officer, Hampshire County Council)

“As an organisation, without the help and support of SPECTRUM, we may not have kept going. We would advise anyone who may wish to do similar work or set up a ULO to consult with SPECTRUM and access their wealth of knowledge accumulated over some thirty years.” (Director, Greenbuttercup CIC)

“The support, knowledge and experience from the team at SPECTRUM, has enabled us to develop from a group with a limited understanding about planning, management committees and constitutions, to a peer-led DPULO, with a clear direction, a workable plan, and ambition.” (Chair, Portsmouth Independent Living Network)

Get in touch

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If you would like to discuss how we might be able to help please contact

Ian Loynes, Chief Executive on 023 8020 2625 or email to: [email protected]

or, Gerry Zarb, Business Development and Policy Manager on 07857 250 230 or email to: [email protected]