Community Navigation

SPECTRUM CIL is able to offer expertise in Community Navigation or Local Area Co-ordination. We are currently providing Community Navigation across Southampton as part of the SO:Linked partnership. Our Navigation partners are Alzheimer’s Society and Solent Mind.

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What we offer

A cluster map showing the six wards in Southampton

Community Navigation has been implemented successfully across the country and further afield with a multitude of variations to the concept.

Clinical Commissioning Groups and Local Authorities have recognised the potential benefits of Community Navigation for individuals, professionals and the wider health and social care economy.

Our Community Navigation work aims to:

  • Empower people to take control of their health and wellbeing
  • Build and maximise community opportunities
  • Reduce pressure on health and social care services
  • Challenge services to become person centred
  • Help people who can’t help themselves
  • Identify gaps in community resources and build capacity
  • Invest in future, rather than short term, benefits

Picture of SPECTRUM staff and clients at a Community Navigation meeting

The work we carry out on Community Navigation includes:

  • Receiving and making referrals from/to primary care and cluster teams
  • Providing information about how to access community resources
  • Directly linking people to activities/community resources (e.g. sports and leisure, employment, education, welfare rights, housing, Time banking schemes, volunteering opportunities)
  • Providing the point of contact to access other services
  • One to one work with individuals and families to identify solutions and develop action plans, as well as follow up to confirm whether the identified solutions are working and to identify if additional support is needed
  • Mapping community resources for uploading to an Information Directory.
  • Identifying through a process of coproduction gaps in resources/assets required by the community and clinical teams, to improve health and wellbeing.

Case studies

We have been able to successfully help over 80% of people who have engaged with the service. The most common types of outcomes for service users have been improved financial situation, reduction in social isolation, increased support or increased social and leisure activities. For 1 in 10 users there have also been direct health benefits, such as reduction in use of drugs or alcohol.

You can read more in these case studies.

Need help or want to make a referral

You can contact the SO:Linked Community Navigation service by email to [email protected] or telephone on 023 8021 6050


If you would like more information, or if you have any questions please contact:

You can also download a referral form here as well as an information leaflet.