Spectrum can help you live the life you would like to live.


We can support you to help you live an independent life.


We help you with direct payments so that you get the funding you need to be able to meet your goals. If you pay for your own support, we can help you meet your goals too.

We can help you in lots of other ways too.


At Spectrum we have lots of experience in different things.


We offer chances for you to volunteer with our volunteer programme.


We can help you if you are in debt or if you have money problems.


We can help you with housing.

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Our advocacy team can help you if you have problems with services.


We can help you with training and support if you are looking for work.


We can help you with computer and assistive technology training and support.


Assistive technology means things you need to help you with things you find hard, like a keyboard with large letters if you cannot see very well.


Our user led organisation team can help you if you want to set up your own group. They offer advice and support for community groups in Hampshire.

We are friendly and understand the problems disabled people face.We always try our best to help you ourselves or find someone else who can help.