SPECTRUM’s Abdiwali Elmi Graduates from DRUK’s Leadership Academy

SPECTRUM is proud to announce that staff member Abdiwali Elmi has graduated from Disability Rights UK’s Leadership Academy


SPECTRUM’s new strategic plan places the personal development of our staff and volunteers top and centre of how we plan to ensure we retain our position of one of the most effective and respected User Led Organisations in the UK. Developing the leadership skills of Disabled People is key for the development of our organisation and critical if we as Disabled People are to achieve our aims of creating a world in which Disabled People have the same rights and equality of opportunity that non-disabled people take for granted.

Abdiwali is the first SPECTRUM graduate of the Leadership Academy – and we aim to encourage many more of our staff and volunteers to follow his lead(ership!)

About the Leadership Academy Programme

The Leadership Academy was launched on 29 October 2014.  The aim of the Programme is to empower capable, confident disabled leaders in all sectors of employment and also address the need for greater equality in the workplace, to improve the employment position of employees living with a health condition or disability, whilst providing employers with access to a wider pool of talent. Find out about the Leadership Academy Programme – See more at: http://www.disabilityrightsuk.org/news/2016/may/leadership-academy-programme-year-2-graduation

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