Home Care competition winner – Local Treasures

Local Treasures based in Petersfield is a new organisation (set up in 2013) that provides support to Older People provided by other Older People in and around people’s homes, with jobs such as gardening, cleaning, cooking, DIY, decorating, shopping, giving car lifts etc. All of the work is done by people aged over 50 and taps into the skills and experience of a robust, willing and confident workforce who bring support to those who need a little bit of help doing the things that are important to them. Their proposal outlined their ideas about how this kind of support could be extended across the County.

Local Treasures logo with images of people doing various household tasks likes washing windows

This what the judging panel said about the proposal:

A good service, which I am sure the users value.

Distinctive – The Treasures are peers (Older People) and there is a positive focus on early intervention and reduction in social isolation for Older People.

This could be rolled out across Hampshire.

Both of the winning entries also included a number of innovative ideas about how Home Care and related services could be delivered and paid for. These included, for example, ideas about having reduced rates for people in local neighbourhoods who are able to ‘pool’ their Personal Budgets. Some of the other entries that did not win the competition also had some innovative ideas, and all of these will help to inform the County Council’s plans when they commission Home Care later this year. We would like to thank all of those who took part.