How to use this website

The menu bar

We have made this website easy for you to use.

We have explained some of the main parts of the website below to help you find your way around.

You can get to all the main parts of the website with the menu bar. You will find the menu bar on the left hand side of every page.

Spectrum's navigation

The menu bar looks like this.
The menu bar shows you what is in each section.
If you want to see what is in a section you just click on the one you want and it will appear.

The breadcrumb trail

Wherever you are in the website you will see the section and page you are on highlighted. This is called a breadcrumb trail and it will have a link back to the Home page or whatever page you have come from.

If you are on the Fact sheets and Information sources page in the Help and Information section of the website, this is what the breadcrumb trail will look like

Home»Help and information»Fact sheets and information sources

Fact sheets and information sources is the highlighted bit because it is showing that this is the page you are on right now.

If you click on the Help and information bit of the breadcrumb trail, then it will take you to the Help and information page and the breadcrumb trail will change and look like this

Home»Help and information

Now the Help and information bit is highlighted because this is what you have clicked on and you will now be on the Help and information page.

Finding the information you want

The website has lots of information about lots of different things.

We have put the information under headings so that you can find what you need quickly and easily.

Another way you can find the information you need is if you use the search box on the website. You can find the search box in the top right hand corner of the Home page.

Search icon

The search box looks like this.

You just type the word or words that you are looking for into the search box then press the enter key on your keyboard or click on the magnifying glass in the search box with your mouse.

You will see a list of all the web pages appear that contain the word or word you searched for. You can click on any of them to go to that page.

Screen tips


If you see this next to any text on the screen, click on it and an explanation will come up on the screen.

This is called a screen tip. To get rid of the screen tip click on it again or press the Esc key on your keyboard and the screen tip will disappear.

Access features

Access features means things that make it easier for you to use the website.

The website has text to speech. This means if you highlight any words using your mouse or key strokes this symbol will come up on the screen

Gspeech icon

If you click on the symbol you can listen to the words you have just highlighted.

Easy Read

There are Easy Read versions of some web pages. This is shown with the Easy Read Symbol which looks like this

Show Easy Read

Click on the Easy Read symbol to see the text in Easy Read.

British Sign Language


Each main part of the website has a video clip which shows the text signed in British Sign Language.

Just click on the video to watch this.

You can get to the main bit of the website by using the menu bar on the left hand side of every page.

Accessibility options

Accessibility options means you can change the screen to look how you want.

Accessibility options icon

You can change how text looks on your screen. You can do this if you click on the Accessibility options link which is at the top of every page.

The accessibility options let you change the background colour of the web page and the colour of the text.

You can make the text bigger or just choose to see plain text without photos or pictures if you want.

If you click on Accessibility options you will also find notes which will give you more information about each accessibility option and how to use it.