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What ‘Reasonable Adjustments’ do organisations providing goods and services have to make for Disabled People?

If an organisation provides any goods or services they are required by the Equality Act 2010 to make sure that Disabled People are able to use their services, as far as is reasonable, to the same standard as non-disabled people, by making reasonable adjustments.

They cannot wait until a disabled person wants to use their services, but must think in advance about what different Disabled People might reasonably need, such as People with Learning Difficulties, or people who have visual, hearing or mobility impairments.

Reasonable adjustments include things like:

  • Installing a textphone so that people with hearing impairments can communicate with the organisation, or offering the alternative of instant messaging via the internet which also removes barriers to accessing the service for people who cannot, for a variety of reasons such as visual impairment or dyslexia, make notes during a phone call.

  • Making sure that all written information is made available in alternative accessible formats like Easy Read – written in simple language, with pictures to illustrate what the text says – which will be more accessible to People with Learning Difficulties.

  • Installing a ramp to the organisations premises to make them accessible to wheelchair users.

How do I know if I have been discriminated against?

Unlawful discrimination, in other words, treating some people worse than others because of a protected characteristic under equality law can take a number of different forms:

Direct discrimination is where someone is treated worse than other people – for example a charity refusing to accept someone as a service user because of their ethnic origin or disability.

Indirect discrimination is where a service or organisation does something to someone which has (or would have) a worse impact on them and other people who share a particular protected characteristic than on people who do not share that characteristic. Doing something’ can include making a decision, or applying a rule or way of doing things. This could include, for example, a service failing to provide alternative ways of communicating with them for people who cannot use the telephone.

But, in some situations treating people differently does not automatically mean that they have been discriminated against if the organisation can show that what they have done is objectively justified. For example, a service that is set up specifically to support Older People or people from a particular Faith community can justify not offering that service to other people as that is not what they are set up to do. Similarly, it would be justified for a service offering refuge for women experiencing domestic violence to exclude men from their service. If they were a general service, on the other hand, then excluding particular people because of their age, ethnic origin, disability, gender etc would be discrimination.

Who is covered by equality law?

The Equality Act 2010 applies to discrimination on the grounds of any of the ‘protected characteristics’. These are:

• age

• disability

• gender reassignment

• pregnancy and maternity (which includes breastfeeding)

• race

• religion or belief

• sex

• sexual orientation.