Third Party Reporting

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Most of our network members are what are known as Third Party Hate Crime Reporting Centres (TPHCRCs). These are places across the city, that individuals can contact or visit, to get support and advice following a Hate Crime. All the centres have specialist experience in supporting the types of people affected by    Hate Crime.

Many people are put off by reporting Hate Crime to the Police and this can be for a number of reasons. It might be that their concerned of losing their anonymity or that what’s happened to them won’t be taken seriously. The Stephen Lawrence Inquiry Report (1999) highlighted a need for independent reporting sites (TPHCRCs), providing victims with the ability to report at locations other than police stations.

The main benefits of using a Third Party Reporting Centre are;

  • Victims will gain confidence and be encouraged to report crime
  • Victims will not need to give their personal details if they so wish
  • Support organisations to best help the victims can be identified
  • Only with the victim’s consent will police investigate the crime

What are Third Party Hate Crime Reporting Centres? – by Sam Waddington

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