Resources for raising Hate Crime awareness

To help raise awareness of Hate Crime, there are a range of digital resources that can be downloaded and used. A number of them can be accessed on this page.

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‘Love Don’t Hate’ graphic for your Social Media pages

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Hate Crime awareness posters

Hate Crime Poster 1 – ‘HATE CRIME IS NOT OK!’

Poster of a child in silhouette saying Hate Crime is Not OK - Treat Everyone The Same

Hate Crime Poster 2 – ‘STOP HATE CRIME’

Poster of showing cartoon children saying STOP HATE CRIME

Hate Crime Poster 3 – ‘DON’T DO HATE CRIME’

Multi coloured poster saying Don't Do Hate Crime, Make Friends and Be Kind and Nice

Hate Crime Poster 4 – ‘SAY NO TO HATE CRIME’

Poster of a hand with palm upturned saying SAY NO TO HATE CRIME

PDF versions of the posters can also be downloaded from the links below. Note: These PDF copies of our Hate Crime awareness posters are unable to be printed on a standard printer, however can be professionally developed via a number of websites, for example Instantprint.

‘Love Don’t Hate’ T-shirt

White t shirt with Love Don't Hate logo in blue, green, yellow and red

To purchase one of our new ‘Love Don’t Hate’ T-shirts, follow this link – ‘Love Don’t Hate’ T-shirts for sale . All profits generated will help fund the Southampton Hate Crime Network.

Hate Crime Training presentation

To find out more about the Southampton Hate Crime Network, what Hate Crime is and who it affects, you can take a look at this presentation.


If any of the materials within the ‘Hate Crime’ section of the website are needed in a different format, please contact Sam Waddington (the Southampton Hate Crime Network Co-ordinator) – [email protected] .