Report Hate Crime

If you’re in Southampton (or anywhere else in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight) and want to report a Hate Crime you can use the ‘Love Don’t Hate’ App. This will quickly connect you to your nearest Third Party Reporting Centre, where you can find their location and contact details. The App can be found by typing in ‘Hate Crime Love Don’t Hate’ into the App Store on Apple devices or Google Play on Android devices.

Smartphone with Hate Crime reporting app start screen

A full list of Third Party Hate Crime Reporting Centres in Southampton is available on our Contact List of Southampton Hate Crime Network members (2021).

If the Hate Crime you have been involved in doesn’t require immediate attention but you would like the Police to be informed about it, you can use their online Hate Crime reporting form.

Other than just reporting a Hate Crime, sometimes people affected need specialist support or advice. For this purpose, there are a number of national organisations that can be contacted;

  • Victim Support (Hampshire and Isle of Wight helpline – 0808 78 1641)

  • Crimestoppers (0800 555 111)

  • Citizens Advice (Southampton area helpline – 0300 330 2166)

  • Equality and Human Rights Commission (0845 604 6610)

Should you become involved in a Hate Crime that requires urgent attention the Police should always be contacted, either by calling 999 or 101 (depending on the seriousness of what’s happened).

Purple, yellow and red poster saying Being You Is Not A Crime