Past campaigns

The Hampshire Cuts Campaign

In 2013-2014 SPECTRUM started a campaign to raise awareness about the extremely damaging impact of the cuts to welfare benefits and services on Disabled People. We also wanted to challenge the often distorted and misleading portrayal in some parts of the media of Disabled People who claim benefits.

Picture of newspaper headlines about people on disability benefits being scroungers

Most importantly, we wanted to influence Government policy and try to secure a commitment from politicians to consider a full or partial reversal of the cuts as soon as economic circumstances allow.

We produced a Campaign Briefing to provide all the facts about the cuts and why we think they are unfair. You can read or download the briefing here: Campaign Briefing – The facts about the cuts and why they are unfair (web-v1)

There is also a short fact sheet which summarises this information,which you can see here: CUTS FACTSHEET SHORT (web-v1)

We carried out a diary survey as part of the campaign to collect evidence to support the campaign. You can read or download our report of the findings here: Cuts Campaign report Sept 14 (Web)