There are always opportunities to get involved with campaigning at SPECTRUM. Sometimes campaigns are started by our staff and sometimes by members. We also quite often get involved in joint campaigns with other Disabled People’s Organisations or other groups where we share common concerns. You can read more about our current and past campaigns in this section of the web site.

Campaigners on the street holding Hampshire Cuts placards

SPECTRUM supports Disabled People’s right to comprehensive anti-discrimination legislation which will outlaw the restriction of opportunities Disabled People face daily. These are opportunities that non-disabled people take for granted. We also recognise that of itself even legislation will not ensure these rights and that we must continue campaigning on specific issues to bring down the barriers to full participation in social, political and economic life on Disabled People’s own terms.

Lift Off to Inclusion campaign poster showing a woman with a dustbin saying put your prejudice in here

The Disabled People’s movement can only be strong if we unite together and fight for what we all want. So why not get involved and let your voice be heard.