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Who can become a member?

You have to be over 14 years of age and live or work in the geographical county of Hampshire. You also have to agree with SPECTRUM’s aims to become a member.

Do I have to be a Disabled Person to become a member?

No membership is open to non-disabled people as well who can apply to become Associate members, although they do not have voting rights. Associate Members are encouraged to fully engage with discussions and their views are taken into account when making organisational decisions.

What do I have to do to become a member?

Fill in a form either in our membership leaflet or on-line through our website. You have to agree to our organisational aims and sign up to our philosophy of Independent Living to become a member.

What benefits do I get from being a member?

You will be invited to SPECTRUM meetings and events. Once a year SPECTRUM holds it’s Annual General Meeting and you will get the opportunity to influence the way the organisation is run and elect the Management Committee, Auditors etc. You will receive a quarterly newsletter, and mailings (postal, electronic at your request). You will be informed about job opportunities.

Do I have to renew my membership?

Yes, once a year you will be sent a renewal notice where you have to agree to sign up to SPECTRUM’s aims and objectives for the next year.

Why did SCIL change its name to SPECTRUM?

Ever since 1984, SCIL has had ‘Southampton’ in its name, even though much of our work has been outside of Southampton.

Increasingly, we found people have assumed we only worked in Southampton, which resulted in us supporting less people than we should, simply through a misunderstanding.

We have always worked with Disabled People from all impairment, age and equality groups. However, some people assume we only support people with physical impairments. So, we wanted to ensure our new name removed this misunderstanding too.

We believe our new name more accurately communicates the diversity of the people we support, across all equality, impairment and age groups; as well as the diversity of the different work that we do. The SPECTRUM of colours in the logo represents positivity, diversity, vibrancy and enlightenment.