Action on Hate Crime

October 27, 2014 - 12:00 am

Our Hate Crime Conference on 27th October, organised with Hampshire County Council, was a great success. More than 80 people participated from  LGBT and Transgender, Gypsy and Traveller, BAME and Disability groups, as well as representatives from the Police and other statutory organisations and there was plenty of lively and thought provoking discussion. A big THANK YOU to everyone who was there and, especially, to our speakers who helped to inform and set the scene for our discussions.

The day comprised of groups sharing their experiences of Hate Crime and identifying common ground and workshops where everyone worked together to find recommendations and solutions to the problem of Hate Crime as well as using the day to make useful new contacts.

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Next steps

We are currently talking to the Local Councils and other groups about what we can do to follow-up up the event and to raise awareness about Hate Crime – which was something that people mentioned time and time again on the day.   We will also be producing with detailed recommendations on action to tackle Hate Crime based on the discussions at the event. In the meantime, our initial report and some of the presentations are available to read or download, along with some other documents that we hope you will find useful.

CHRYSALIS Action on Hate Crime Presentation Oct 2014

Eastleigh CSP hate crime report vFINAL


Hampshire Police – Advice & Information on Hate Crime

Hate Crime event – Initial summary report Dec14


IHRC – Report 2011 – Hate Crime Exec Summary-03-1

Presentation (PJQ 2014) – Hate Crime

Presentation JPB

Sources of help & advice on hate crime

SPECTRM Winchester BJS DHCN Talk

More information about our speakers

Peer-jada Qureshi – Former co-chairman of Hampshire Interfaith Network and chairman of Winchester Muslim Cultural Association.

Peer-jada works with various organisations, public services and communities on Faith based issues.

Cherry Barney, Hampshire Romanys – Works on tackling discrimination against Romanys, and capacity building to help groups help themselves. Also helps mainstream organisations to work better with people from Romany communities.

Dianne – Founder of Chrysalis, who work on supporting and championing the rights of transitioning transgender adults across South Hampshire and East Dorset. Chrysalis also provides Gender Awareness training for public and private organisations.

Beverley Smith, National Disability Hate Crime Network – a group of UK Disabled People, User Led Disabled Peoples Organisations, charities, and a range of public bodies including Police and Crown Prosecution Service representatives who work together to challenge hate crime against Disabled People.

Simon Hayes – was elected the first Police & Crime Commissioner for Hampshire & Isle of Wight in November 2012. His role is to oversee and scrutinise policing, across the two counties, and to maintain an efficient and effective police service.

Before that, Simon was the Chairman of Crimestoppers for Hampshire & the Isle of Wight, the charity dedicated to preventing crime. He is also a past Chairman of Hampshire Police Authority.

Julie Fry MBE, Chief Inspector, Hampshire Constabulary – She has worked across the region in various posts including the Diverse Communities Officer at Hampshire Police Headquarters. In the 2013 honours list Julie was recognised for her work in ensuring increased reporting of hate crime and improved confidence in local policing from the LGBT communities.

She is a member of the Gay Police Association and has also played a leading role in the development of the Lesbian and Gay Liaison Officers (LAGLO) group providing specific support to the LGBT communities of Hampshire.

Michael Gamble & Melvin Hartley, Eastleigh Borough Council Community Safety Team – The Community Safety Team is part of the Eastleigh Community Safety Partnership, which brings together several organisations working to tackle, prevent and reduce crime and antisocial behaviour. One of their main aims is – Protecting Vulnerable People – that covers domestic violence, Hate Crime and support for victims)

James Burnham, Hate Crime Co-ordinator, Wessex Crown Prosecution Service – The Crown Prosecution Service is responsible for prosecuting criminal cases investigated by the police. CPS Wessex serves the Dorset, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, and Wiltshire.

The CPS Hate Crime Scrutiny Panel works specifically on prosecuting cases of hate crime, including Racist and religious hate crime, Homophobic and transphobic hate crime, Disability hate crime and Crimes against older people.

Some quotes from the presentations


Hate Crime is not always life destroying but is it certainly always soul destroying. It affects not just the victim, but also their families, friends and sometimes overshadows whole communities. Beverley Smith, Disability Hate Crime Network


 Our survey showed that ALL our beneficiaries had experienced Hate Crime”  “Hate Crime is serious and every effort must be made to record offences in the right category. Hate Crime must not be recorded as anti-social behaviour or neighbourhood disputes.  Dianne – Founder, Chrysalis


Individual victims did not know how to report or are unwilling to report due to several different barriers such as being believed by the police or other agency.  Individuals were put off reporting as they potentially could be asked to give evidence in any court case.  Some minority groups in the community do not have confidence in public sector organisations because of their race, religion, ethnicity disability, or health problems.  Michael Gamble, Eastleigh Community Safety Partnership


Partnership working with Education – Recently this has resulted in working more closely with the education sector to help achieve greater awareness of hate and homophobic bullying – with a view to improving both staff and pupils ability to recognise and report incidents. In achieving this aim, I hope that young people will feel confident that they can discuss issues of this nature in a safe environment and staff take an informed and active role in tackling homophobia.  Julie Fry MBE, Chief Inspector, Hampshire Constabulary


Possible Solutions

  • Take responsibility
  • Find the ‘correct’ representatives
  • Education about how Hate effects Faith
  • Ask questions don’t be afraid – BUT – Respectfully
  • Build Links – 2 way participation
  • Support Communities – Better – use of resource allocation
  • Awareness building – public events, media, public


Peer-jada Qureshi

What do we have to prove? The offence was motivated by hostility to the victim because of their race, religion, sexual orientation, change of gender or disability, or The offender demonstrated hostility to the victim based on their race, religion, sexual orientation, change of gender or disability or the offender’s perception of those characteristics. James Burnham, Wessex Crown Prosecution Service

And Finally…

O you who believe, be persistently standing firm for Allah as witnesses in justice, and let not the hatred of a people prevent you from being just. Be just, for it is closer to righteousness. Surah Al-Ma’idah 5:8 (Quoted by Peer-jada Qureshi)


SPECTRUM have produced a report from the event summarising the discussions and participant’s recommendations on actions needed to tackle Hate Crime. We have also been lobbying statutory agencies to commit to implementing these recommendations.

One of the main outcomes so far is the setting up of the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Hate Crime Action Group. This is a multi-agency action group hosted by the Police and Crime Commissioner, which was set up as a result of, and to action, the recommendations made by participants at the SPECTRUM Centre for Independent Living workshop held in October 2014.

You can download a copy of our recommendations here – Hate Crime Recommendations Report (March 2015)

You can also download the Police and Crime Commissioner’s press release here – PCC announces the launch of the HIoW Hate Crime Action Group