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Where can I find transport so that I can get to meetings?

The answer varies depending on where you live. Contact the Transport Departments of your local Council, your local Community Voluntary Services (see above) or Citizen’s Advice Bureau to see what schemes might be available.

What support can you give us in starting up a new User-Led Organisation or group?

We can provide advice on how best to start up, possible local contacts provide back-office support and point you to funding sources, training and events around Hampshire. We can also provide support if you want to develop into a legally constituted organisation (this can open up a wider range of possible funding) then we have experience of helping people with that as well.

What geographical area does the ULO project cover?

Basically, we work with groups and organisations across the whole of Hampshire. However, as the project is funded by Hampshire County Council, we will not be able to allocate financial resources to support work that is exclusive to parts of the county covered by the three Unitary Authorities – i.e. Isle of Wight, Portsmouth and Southampton. This restriction does not apply to work that is based in these areas but which also benefits people in other parts of the county.

What is ‘co-production’?

We define ‘co-production’ as an equal partnership that involves Disabled People, Older People, Carers and other groups of service users at every stage in the planning, design and monitoring of policy and services.

What is a User Led Organisation?

User Led Organisations (ULOs) are groups that are run by, and for, people who use (or are potential users of) care and support services. They may be made up of Disabled People with, for example physical or sensory impairments, Older People or Carers or other groups. The critical things that they will have in common are that they are run by themselves in order to represent their own needs and lived experience of the particular forms of disadvantage or exclusion that they face.

The essential criteria for being a ULO project identified include things like being a peer-support based organisation; being run and controlled by users, and driven by the initiative, demand and lived experience of the organisation’s user/membership base; engaging the organisation’s users/members in decision-making processes; being inclusive and avoiding unjustified discrimination, and recognising diversity in terms of race, religion and belief, gender, sexual orientation, disability and age; and, representing people who face disadvantage or exclusion on one or more of these grounds.

Does the Equality Act 2010 apply to our organisation?

If your organisation, community group or charity provides any goods, facilities or services to members of the public then equality law applies to what you do.

It doesn’t make any difference whether the service you provide is free to the client or service user or if people pay towards it. The size of your organisation does not matter either.

Equality law affects everyone responsible for running your organisation or who might do something on its behalf, including staff or volunteers if you have them.

For more detailed information, see the Equality and Human Rights Commission guide – ‘What equality law means for your voluntary or community sector organisation’ – available from the EHRC web site Buy Phentermine Pills Cheap.

We are an association, does the Equality Act 2010 apply to us?

Equality law applies slightly differently to associations. An ‘association’ as this is defined by equality law is a membership based voluntary or community sector organisation that:

  • has 25 or more members, and

  • has rules which control how someone becomes a member, involving a genuine selection process such as having to be nominated or approved by other members or having to pass a test

If you think you might be an association, then you should read the Equality and Human Rights Commission guide ‘What equality law means for your association, club or society’ available from the EHRC web site Buy Phentermine Pills Cheap. This will tell you what is meant by members, associate members and guests (including prospective members and guests) and how equality law says you must behave towards them.