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  Click to listen highlighted text! Speeches & Presentations Home»Help and information»Reports and Publications»Speeches & Presentations Documents and resourcesClicking on any of the following links will open up a new window.About the User Led Organisation Initiative - University of London, February 2015 (DOC)downloadDeveloping Progressive Social Policy Solutions - March 2010 (DOC)downloadDirect Payments the key to independence - April 2004 (PPT)downloadEmbedding the Social Model in the Transforming agenda - Bristol, April 2010 (PPT)downloadHow can Independent Living and User-led Organisations survive in the current social care climate - October 2006 (DOC)downloadSCIL, Background, challenges and successes - September 2009 (PPT)downloadSPECTRUMs Development Past Present and Future - Ashford, March 2014 (PPT)downloadULOs - whats in it for Users - September 2010 (PPT)downloadZero Project Awards speech - Vienna, February 2015 (PPT)download