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Is there parking available on site?

There are a limited number of parking spaces at Unity 12 (advance booking essential). However, visitors can use the public car park at the Common on Cemetery Road, which is a short walk away from Unity 12 (at the end of Lodge Road, turn right onto The Avenue (A33) and Cemetery Road is on the left after about 0.2 miles, immediately after Northlands Road). Parking is free for the first 4 hours, or £6 for the whole day. Alternatively, there is some parking on Rose Road for Blue Badge and permit holders for a maximum of 2 hours*

*If you do park on the road, a fully mobile person can easily move a vehicle to an adjacent road during the 10 minute, mid-meeting break, and still have time to get a cup of tea!

Who can join Consult & Challenge?

Membership is predominantly for Southampton residents, and those who access the city’s Health and Social Care services, however in certain cases Hampshire residents are accepted onto the group’s membership. We also have representation on the membership from both Southampton City Council and Southampton Clinical Commissioning Group.

Do you cover expenses?

Yes. All reasonable travel costs are paid. For more details please speak to the facilitator.